Wednesday, January 19, 2011

News or Something Like That...

My first anthology-submission wasn't accepted into the said anthology. However, the publisher is considering contracting it separately, so I'm waiting for a word on that.

I also sent another submission to another publisher today, it's a short one, M/M/F-story. Soooo, we shall see what comes out of that as well.

My first full length story has been pre-read by a dear friend and I'm going to re-work it a bit before I'm even going to have it pre-edited etc. But it looks good, apparently, so who knows, maybe eventually I'll actually have a real full length novel out there... ;)


  1. Hi! I just read your short-very short-story Waves on the Dreamspinner Press February Newsletter. I want to know more, what happened when he came back? I'm not sure I like the musician very much thought, not after reading what the writer had gone through after 11 months of him being gone and showing up as if everything was alright. Any way you'd tell? R

  2. Hello, nice for you to drop by! :)
    I've been asked before if I was going to write more of that story. I've been pondering about maybe doing another short like that from the musician's point of view eventually. Maybe putting it up here as a freebie. I'll keep that in mind now that someone said something, thanks. :)
    Also, he is a very likable character and there must be a reason why he was away for that long from someone he loved so obviously, right?

    I see now that this story has to be told eventually... *mumbles something about other things to finish first and goes back to writing*

    Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it. :)

    - Tia

  3. Gosh, I hope there was a good reason! :) I just seem to have read so many books with lacking main characters who are definitely not likeable lately that I just had to ask if there was something more to the story. Guess I needed a bit of hope *.* Definitely interested in more to the story!