Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I forgot this one...

So, despite knowing that I'd given this flash fiction-story to Celia to post on the Piece of Tales-blog, I forgot it completely... Luckily I just remembered it, eh?

The story is thousand words, it's from the point of view of Quentin, an owner of a gay club, who spots a good looking young guy, Milo, in the security cameras... You read the rest.

Also, there's a Milo's point of view, from earlier that day, that will be one of the stories in Fandom Fights Tsunami, a tsunami relief story-compilation. You can find information here, in case you're interested. I gave Milo's story for the compilation of stories that you can receive by donating to the cause. There isn't much we can do when these things happen so far from us, but I still wanted to do something for Japan.

I'm also happy to report, that my first novel has been sent to the publisher and I'm hoping to get a contract soon... I'll have details for you later this well, I hope.

I have some promo-dates too, but I'll get to those closer to the actual dates.

It's springtime where I live, and I'm relieved to see the snow finally gone (except from the places where it was piled up...). That does mean a ton of yardwork though, getting the whole large yard to look good after the winter...not that easy of a task.

I'm also selling my horse, my beloved stallion who has been with me for practically since he was weaned from his mother when he was 7 months old. I first met him when he was a couple of weeks old. He's turning 5 years old in a few days. It hurts to even think about selling him, but I will if I can find a good home for him. He's of a rare breed, so I won't sell him to just anyone, not that I would if he was your average mutt of a horse either. :) Why am I selling him? Because he goes to waste with me. He deserves more of his life than being a yard ornament. I love him enough to let him go.

Anyway, random Tia is random... ;) More news as I get them!

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