Sunday, May 29, 2011

May 29th is here!

This means three things!

One, it is my 30th birthday today! Yay for me, I actually LOVE getting older and despite being a sarcastic person in general, that wasn't sarcasm.

Secondly, tomorrow is the day when I become a published writer! You can find my short story The Double D's from here or from here if you prefer Smashwords. I'll add buy-links later when I get them.

Thirdly, my other short story, Unwind, will be out on Wednesday, so I shall post more about that later.

That's it for now!

Oh wait, not exactly... I've written a story for the Goodreads M/M-Romance-group's Hot July Days-thing. A bunch of writers are writing stories for readers' prompts. Mine is a werewolf story, yay! It will be posted on the M/M-Romance group where you can read it for free and I'll later add it to my website (once that is done). Also, all those stories are compiled and made a free download anthology-thing eventually, when they're all out.

Shall keep you posted on that one too. :)

Now I'm done, promise!

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