Saturday, October 8, 2011

A little update

So, I've been writing and writing and reading and reading....aaand signing contracts!

I am happy to report that at the moment, the first half of 2012 brings you at least three stories by yours truly, all published by Dreamspinner Press.

One is a short story called Lucky. The genre is contemporary M/M, though one of the main characters is FtM transsexual.

Second one is called Something New, it's a novella, and revolves around a YA writer called Frank, who makes decisions about his life and ends up moving, finding a new life and a new love (a hunky, younger fireman called Conner). This is essentially a family story.

Third one, which I call "that Twitter story" in my head, is another novella. It's  the story of Matt, a bicycle messenger in London. He collides with a "rich guy's Mercedes" and as a result ends up spending a lot of time online while he heals. On Twitter, he begins to stalk his favorite gay porn star aaand...the rest you have to read yourself. ;)

I'll update when I have more news about current submissions and other stuffs.

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  1. I guess I need to read your blog more often! I'm so glad you got "That Twitter Story" accepted.

    Congratulations on all the contracts... now if I could just *finish* something of my own...