Saturday, December 17, 2011

By Any Other Name-freebie coming right up!

I wasn't going to do this, but I will anyway.

Suddenly yesterday, Thom, Dru and Skye began chatting in my head. They want a Christmas story. So I'm in the process of writing one right now. You should have it before Christmas Eve and I'll post the link for a .pdf download here, on my Facebook and my Twitter. (You can find links for those on my website,

On other news, I've contracted a first book in a series that I call, at the moment, Finnshifters. It's basically my take on the shapeshifter-lore and the story is placed in Finland. In my universe there are "cat and dog" shifters, and the first book is about Mikael, a half-shifter who runs his small family farm his dad turned into a shifter sanctuary, and the shifter he falls in love with. Naturally it's also about the "farm family", a lot of different kinds of people and I hope you'll like it!

Chuffed, book 1, will be out at some point in May-June 2012.

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