Thursday, July 19, 2012

Countdown to Technically Dead, the last day!

Tomorrow, Technically Dead is out! FINALLY!

Trust me when I say I've been waiting to tell this story, write it and then see it published for a long time now. When I wrote the initial version last year, during NaNoWriMo, I was feeling relieved to get it out of my system.

My vampire lore might be different than what you're used to, but give it a chance. And please, let me know what you thought of the book. Email me or send me message on Facebook or Goodreads.

Here's your last treat before you get to read the book. This is part of Heath's ponderings about how he has changed as a vampire over his centuries.

His rental car was a practical something-or-other; he didn’t care much. He had lived for so long that it took more than a fancy machine to make him interested. Actually, he liked horses better than cars, always had.
It had been in England, some three centuries ago, when he’d last had a stable full of horses. Horses were good judges of character, Heath had always thought. One of his horses, an old mare, made him realize he had changed for the worse. The horse had been with him since she was born, almost twenty-five years. It was a long time for a horse, and she was a regal being, very much a lady.
In some ways it surprised Heath that the eventual changes happened so fast when they started for him. It was Lilac that made him see he had become an Elder in the most basic sense. Because the mare was like a mirror, growing from a sensible young horse into an adult horse who seemed to be able to read Heath’s mind, and then into an old mare who was always very correct, not cautious but certainly less keen to show emotion. All those changes happened to Heath, too, in the course of the mare’s twenty-five years.
Some said he got lucky. He knew there were vampires who got into their cold, less human state even before they hit three centuries. For Heath it took six. He lost interest in things like socializing or throwing parties for fun instead of for profit. He started to care less about the human lives he saw taken in wars or by vampires who weren’t that discreet when it came to showing their evil deeds to their own kind.
But the day Heath noticed Lilac giving the cold shoulder to everyone, he realized he was doing the same thing himself. It wasn’t long before the mare gave up and Heath found her dead in her favorite part of the pasture. He vowed he wouldn’t go like that, just because he lost the will to live.
It took three more decades for anything to change enough for him to actually believe in what he could do. Meeting Bran had made an impact. Losing Bran had made another. Now, after the years spent without the young human, he’d come to realize the changes again. He had been more “lively,” but he hadn’t been happy. It was time to change that, if he could.
And there we have it! The countdown is done, and all you have is to sleep one night and the book is out!

Hope you'll enjoy it. :)


  1. Just finished it and loved it. Please tell me there will be a sequel.

    1. Hi!

      Glad to hear you liked it! :)

      Yes, there will be a sequel. Probably at some point in the spring of 2013.

      It will be less about Heath and Bran and more about all the other guys. :)