Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stress, stress and oh, look, more stress!

It's the time of the year when my darling horse gets all sorts of stupid and wild and realizes he's a stallion. Yes, he basically forgets he had gonads for most of the year and come February, it all comes back to him...and the stupidity begins. He refuses, adamantly, to stay inside his paddock and because of that, he's completely impossible. Not only is there a surprise factor every morning about where we find him, but the real problem is him possibly causing harm to himself or say, the family cars. If he's feeling very adventurous, he might trek in the snow and go into the neigbor's yard and... You get the idea.

So, when you take into notice that I normally suffer from depression and anxiety, these past couple of weeks have not been very easy for me, because despite being an insufferable ass, the horse is my baby. Because of that added stress, I'm going to escape next week for almost a week to go on a little vacation. Nowhere sunny or warm, sadly I can't afford that, but I'm going to go visit some extended family and get far enough away to not be bothered no matter what the stallion gets up to. Yay!

Now, if we're lucky, this might mean that I'll get some more writing done while I'm away... I certainly hope so, because stress doesn't equal good writing.

Speaking of writing... I now have one contracted novella (will be out around July via Dreamspinner Press) and I have a few other submissions sent around, including one M/M/F-short story, one M/M short story and my first novel, which is M/M/M. 

I'm sure I'll be updating the blog as soon as there are more news. Keep your fingers crossed!

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