Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's mid March already??

This just hit me today. March 15th. That's Two and a half months of 2011 gone already? How did that happen??

In some weird way, despite the depression and other struggles I've had this year, everything seems to be quite okay. For one, I'm writing. I'm writing quite a bit.

What's up with that, you ask?
  • A novella, working title Auld Lang Syne, will be coming out in June. It is going to be published by Dreamspinner Press.
  • I have other submissions in on other publishers as well, there's M/M, M/M/F and soon a whole novel of M/M/M that has some interest from a publisher already. 
  • Currently I'm writing a shifter-story, because it just wants to get out of my head... Should be interesting enough, I hope. At least the general idea is a bit different and hey, my shifters will have actual packs with pups and all, not just packs that consist of a handful of gay males... Where do the new wolves come from in those stories?? Not everyone is gay, people.
I'm getting back to the routine of writing every day, making myself write despite producing a ton of utter crap that way. At least I'm writing, the editing comes later...

I'm also reading a lot, right now I'm greatly enjoying the novel Red Skies by Joanne Kells. You can find the book in the Dreamspinner Press website/store. Very good, detailed (but not too detailed), complex story with interesting characters that are actual guys and cowboys, not "girls in guy's clothes", like quite a few male characters seem to be in M/M-fiction.

Other than reading and writing, I've been trying to will my new piece of ink to heal fast. I love my tattoos and always want more, but the healing can be annoying at times.

I'm also gathering strength to start making a website for myself but can't see that happening, just not into that so much anymore.

That's about it this time, folks.


  1. Hi there:)

    Huge congrats on your publications:) That's fab news.

    I hope you don't mind me commenting? A kind friend pointed me in your direction as she saw your blog. Thanks so much for your comments on Red Skies:) I'm so happy that you are enjoying the book.

    Kind regards and thanks again:)

    Joanne Kells XXX

  2. Hi!

    Thanks and of course, comment away. :)

    I really did like Red Skies a lot, and am going to recommend it to my friends too.

    Thanks for visiting. :)

  3. :) Thanks so much, hon:) I'll be sure to check out your books when they come out:)


    Joanne XXX